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Terms of sale

The online shop of the site www.florist-american-cemetery.com was organized by the company(society) LA COMEDIE DES FLEURS which is the developer of this site. Any order taking in conformance with(for) a product appearing within the online shop of the Web site www.florist-american-cemetery.com supposes the preliminary consultation of the present general conditions.
As a consequence(Accordingly), the consumer recognizes to be perfectly informed about the fact that his agreement concerning the contents of the present general conditions does not require the handwritten signature of this document, as far as the customer wishes to command(order) on-line products presented within the framework of the shop of the Web site. The consumer has the faculty(power) to protect or to publish(edit) the present conditions

Article 1: completeness

The present general conditions express the entire obligations(bonds) of the parts(parties). This way, the consumer is considered for accepting without reserve the entire capacities(measures) planned in these general conditions. No general or specific condition appearing in documents sent or put back(handed) by the consumer can become integrated into the present, since these documents would be incompatible with these general conditions.

Article 2: object

The present general conditions have for object to define the rights and duties of the parts(parties) within the framework of the on-line sale of goods and services proposed by the company(society) LA COMEDIE DES FLEURS to the consumer.

Article 3: contractual Documents

The present contract is trained(formed) by the following contractual documents

Article 4: come into effect - duration

The present general conditions come into effect in the date of signature of the order form. The present general conditions are concluded for duration necessary for the supply of the signed goods and services, until the extinction of guarantees owed by the company(society) LA COMEDIE DES FLEURS

Article 5: electronic Signature

The " double click " of the consumer in conformance with(for) the order form establishes(constitutes) an electronic signature which has, between the parts(parties), the same value as a handwritten signature.

Article 6: confirmation of command(order)

The contractual information will be the object of a confirmation sees of e-mail at the latest at the time of the delivery or if not, at the address indicated by the consumer within the order form.

Article 7: proof of the transaction(deal)

Registers computerized, kept(preserved) in the computer systems of the company(society) LA COMEDIE DES FLEURS in reasonable conditions of safety(security), will be considered as the proofs of the communications, the commands(orders) and payments intervened between the parts(parties). The archiving of order forms and invoices is made on a reliable and long-lasting(sustainable) support(medium) which can be produced as proof.

Article 8: information on products has 8-a:

The company(society) LA COMEDIE DES FLEURS presents on its Web site products to be sold with the necessary characteristics which allow to respect the Article L 111-1 of the Code of the consumption, which the possibility for the potential consumer plans to know before the definitive order taking the characteristics

Article 9: price

The prices are indicated in euros and in dollars and are valid only in the date of the sending of the order form by the consumer. They do not take into account expenses of delivery, charged in supplement, and indicated before the validation of the command. The prices take into account of the applicable VAT in the day of the command and any change of the applicable rate the VAT will automatically be echoed on the price of the products of the online shop. The payment of all of the price must be realized during the command. At no time, the paid sums cannot be considered as deposit or deposits.

Article 10: method of payment

To settle(adjust) his command(order), the consumer has, in his choice, all the payment conditions aimed within the order form. The consumer guarantees LA COMEDIE DES FLEURS that he arranges authorizations possibly necessary to use the method of payment chosen by him, during the validation of the order form. LA COMEDIE DES FLEURS reserves the right to suspend any management of command(order) and any delivery in case of refusal of authorization of credit card payment on behalf of the officially accredited bodies or in case of not payment.
LA COMEDIE DES FLEURS reserves in particular the right to refuse to make a delivery or to fulfill an order emanating from a consumer who would not have totally adjusted

Article 11: availability of products

The command(order) will be executed at the latest within 3 days as from day according to that when the consumer placed his order. In case of unavailability of the commanded(ordered) product, in particular because of our suppliers, the consumer will be informed about it as soon as possible and will have the possibility of cancelling his command(order). The consumer will have then the choice to ask either for the refund(repayment) of the sums paid(poured) in 30 days at the latest by their payment, or the exchange of the product.

Article 12: modalities(methods) of delivery

Products are delivered to the address indicated by the consumer on the order form and only in metropolitan France (detail of cemeteries and memorials concerned on simple demand(request)). The consumer has to verify the state of the packaging

Article 13: problems of delivery because of the carrier

Any anomaly concerning the delivery (damage, product being lacking with regard to(compared with) the delivery slip, the damaged parcel, produced broken) must be necessarily indicated on the delivery slip in the form of " handwritten reserves ", accompanied with the signature of the customer. The consumer will have to confirm at the same time(in parallel) this anomaly by sending to the carrier in the next two ( 2 ) working days the delivery date a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt exposing(explaining) said complaints.
The consumer will have to pass on(transmit) copy of this mail by fax 03 29 35 14 57 or by simple mail in:

LA COMEDIE DES FLEURS 15 Rue de la Comédie 88000 EPINAL

Article 14: errors of delivery

has 14-a: the consumer will have to formulate with the company LA COMEDIE DES FLEURS that very day of the delivery or at the latest the first working day following the delivery, any complaint of error of delivery and\or non-compliance of products in kind or in quality with regard to the indications appearing on the order form. Any complaint formulated beyond this deadline will be rejected. 14-b: the formulation of this complaint with the company LA COMEDIE DES FLEURS can be made: - first and foremost by telephone 14-c: any complaint not made in rules defined above and within the time limits allowed cannot be taken into account and will clear the LA COMEDIE DES FLEURS of any responsibility face to face of the consumer. 14-d: has reception of

Article 15: rights of use

The right of use of the software of the company LA COMEDIE DES FLEURS, as well as those distributed by her, is granted to the consumer with not exclusive, personal and non-transferable title, according to the Code of the Intellectual property. However, in conformance with(for) the Article L122-6-1 of this Code, the consumer has a reproduction right exclusively for the establishment of a copy of protection(saving), when this one is necessary to protect the use of the software. In any case, the author of the software keeps(preserves) a property right on his work, which the consumer makes a commitment to respect.

Article 16: force majeure

None of the two left will have failed in the contractual obligations(bonds), as far as their execution will be delayed, hindered or prevented by a coincidence or a force majeure. Force majeure any irresistible facts or circumstances, outer(foreign) the parts(parties), unpredictable, inevitable, independent from the will of the parts(parties) will be considered as coincidence or and which cannot be prevented by the latter, in spite of all the efforts reasonably possible. The part(party) affected(touched) by such circumstances will inform the other one about it in ten working days according to the date in which it will have had knowledge of it.Both parts(parties) will get closer then, within one month, unless if it is impossible due to the case of absolute necessity, to examine the incidence of the event and agree on conditions in which the execution of the contract will be pursued. If the major case of strength has a duration three-month-old superior, the present general conditions can be cancelled by the injured party. In a express way, are considered as cases of absolute necessity or coincidences, besides those usually held(retained) by the jurisprudence of the courts(courses,prices,yards) and the French courts: the blocking of the means of transportation or supplies, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, lightning; the stop(ruling) of the telecommunication networks or the difficulties appropriate(peculiar) to the external telecommunication networks to the customers.

Article 17: partial not validation

If one or several conditions of the present general conditions are considered not valid or declared such in enforcement of a law, a regulation(payment) or following a definitive decision of a competent jurisdiction, the other conditions will keep(guard) all their strength and their reach(impact).

Article 18: not renunciation

The fact for one of the parts(parties) not to take advantage(boast) of a breach(negligence) by the other part(party) in any of the obligations(bonds) aimed in the present general conditions could not be interpreted for the future as a renunciation of the obligation(bond) in cause.

Article 19:

In case of difficulty of interpretation enters any titles appearing at the head of clauses, and any of the clauses, the titles will be declared non-existent.

Article 20: applicable

Law The present general conditions are subjected to the French law. It's like that for the rules of fund as for the rules of form. In case of dispute or in case of complaint, the consumer will address first and foremost the company LA COMEDIE DES FLEURS to obtain an amicable solution. Secondly and in case of appeal, the consumer can put down a complaint with COMEDIE DES FLEURS , via his dedicated dialog box.

Article 21: computing and Liberties

The information which are asked to the consumer is necessary for the treatment(processing) of its command(order) and can be communicated to the contractual partners of the company COMEDY OF FLOWERS occurring(speaking) within the framework of the execution of this command(order).
The consumer can write to the company COMEDIE DES FLEURS address and phone number of which(coordinates of which) are within the charter of confidentiality appearing within the framework of the Web site, to oppose such a communication, or to exercise his(her,its) rights of access, rectification towards the information concerning him(it) and representing in the files of the company COMEDIE DES FLEURS, in the statutory conditions of January 6th, 1978.


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